Huvepharma® Italia emphasizes quality assurance throughout the entire cycle of production, distribution and use. The Quality Control department executes strict quality control of all incoming materials, critical steps during manufacture (IPCs), intermediates and finished products in accordance with the approved specifications. The facility offers very flexible chemicalsynthesis capacity for a total reaction volume of 700 m3, distributed in 100 reactors from a few m3 up to 25 m3, in various construction materials (stainless steel, glass lined and hastelloy). The above production capacity is concentrated in 5 manufacturing buildings and 8 production lines that are completed with 4 clean packaging rooms. Complex chemical reactions in large scale are part of huvepharma® italia core know-how with specific reference to high pressure (up to 50 bars) and big volume (up to 10 m3) catalytic hydrogenation (homogeneous and etherogeneous) with various catalysts, catalytic carbonylation with co gas, grignard reactions (up to 8 m3), friedel crafts reactions, gas – liquid reactions (eg by hcl gas), peroxide handling, photooxidation, bromination reactions, etc. Crystallization controlled by fiber optics and separation of optical isomers are part of the technology know-how of the  company too. More than 50% of the production lines are fully automated using the latest generation equipment and digital technology for interfacing with peripheral devices. For the needs of the manufacturing process, there are onsite service units like electricity (co generation unit included), air, steam and natural gas distribution facilities, wastewater treatment plant and thermo-oxidizer to treat the overall plant vents outlet streams. Moreover, we have state-of-the art laboratories for QC testing and analytical development, reference  standard preparation and stability studies. The warehousing facilities meet all the necessary requirements to ensure safe storage. Thanks to the above expertise, huvepharma® italia is already recognized as a reliable supplier of development service of apis and advanced intermediates for leaders in the international market (e.g huvepharma® acts as cmo for api manufacturing on behalf of companies like Sanofi® and Dow®).