Introduction of Huvepharma

Huvepharma® Italia is a fast-growing global pharmaceutical company duly organized for developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients by chemical synthesis for both human and animal health. The focus is specifically on offering services for developing and industrializing new molecules for start-up companies, always operating in a certified GMP environment.  Huvepharma® Italia is also particularly active with proven expertise in the fight against malaria disease.

Huvepharma® Italia is a privately-owned company, headquartered in Garessio (CN) – Italy, employing about 150 people.

Huvepharma® Italia operation is located in Garessio (CN), north-western part of Italy, and consist of a complete independent and autonomous development and manufacturing unit acquired from Sanofi since May 1st 2016.  The product development and manufacturing facilities, operated in accordance with the most stringent quality, environmental, safety and industrial hygiene regulatory requirements, provide a very flexible capacity for developing, industrializing and producing APIs and intermediates for human and animal health.  Particularly emphasis is devoted to the process development activity thanks to full equipped laboratories and very flexible pilot unit that allow to develop and industrialize quite complex chemical processes. Our expertise lies in the creation of a close and trustable partnership with our Customer and in the emphasis we place on best addressing a customers’ each and every requirement for adding performance to their business.  Huvepharma® Italia employs highly skilled individuals with extensive experience in the human health industry, with knowledge of their local markets and customers, who can further count on a very qualified network of external advisors.

Huvepharma® Italia commercial and business development offices are also located in Garessio (CN), Italy, and consist of a very qualified team available to support the Customers globally.


Key strengths:

Vat number (Partita IVA): 09320250963